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Okay, so it was not a cat and the roof is actually made of a masonite composite material.  But, it was still something to hear!

Mary and I have lived in our new home for a little over two months now.  It is a huge sprawling one story home with a corrugated roof similar to the old tin roofs used on country homes and cottages.  During our first week living here one evening we heard a rather loud thump on the roof.  Since we were still recovering from the shock of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, we were both shaken by the sudden noise and shaking as something seemed to be running across the roof.

We have heard similar sounds each morning as the birds land upon and scurry about the roof, but this evening we heard the louder bang and scurrying sound we had heard earlier.  It was still light outside, so I grabbed my camera and went to investigate.



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