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About a week ago I briefly spotted one of the smallest hummingbirds I have ever seen flitting around the jasmine bushes and vines that we have planted around our front porch.  This bird was only slightly larger than a big bee, but I only saw it briefly and could not identify colors or details enough to identify the species.  So, for the last several mornings, I have moved with my Sudoku book and camera onto the front porch in the hope that, if I sit still long enough, the little hummingbird would come by and hover around long enough for me to get a picture.

Yesterday morning it was pouring down rain and I had little hope of seeing the bird, but, undaunted, I took up my post to see what might show up.  As the rain stopped and the sun peaked over the hill to our east, the yard filled with color and motion as scores of butterflies came out of hiding and raced to collect early morning nectar.  One day recently Mary counted eight different species of butterflies around our yard in less than one hour.

Sure enough several beauties paid visits to our jasmine flowers.  Most flitted for a brief visit, but then got camera shy as I moved closer and quickly flew away, like this black and red beauty.

But one small butterfly (or perhaps moth) was not camera shy at all and seemed almost willing to pose for photos.  So, I obliged!


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