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We have a worker named Leon who comes to our home every Tuesday morning to help us maintain the trees and shrubs in our yard.  This last Tuesday Leon had trimmed our coconut palms and several of our other trees and plants preparatory to the annual growth spurt that comes about this time each year with the rainy season.  He wrapped up around 11:30 and I went out to see how our plants were faring.

At that time I noticed several buds on our maracuyá plants looked like they would be opening in the next few days.  So, at about 2:30 that afternoon Mary and I were a bit surprised to look out the window by our desks to see that several flowers had already opened up on our maracuyá vines.

In our opinion these passion-fruit flowers are some of God’s most marvelous creations.  We were of the opinion that something so glorious would take a little longer than three hours to produce!


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