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A couple of months ago our friend David called to tell us that a sea turtle had come ashore near his home in San Alejo and laid some eggs on the beach near the roadway.  This is a rare occurrence on our stretch of beach because of the fact that there is little exposed beach at high tide and the area is fairly well developed leaving little area for the turtles to lay their eggs.

The community rallied and built a protective barrier around the nest site and the police stretched yellow warning tape advising people to stay out of the small fenced off area.  About a month ago we had unusually high tides for a few days and the waves threatened to wash away the sand from the nesting area, so someone came with a front end loader and built up the sand around the enclave to keep the nest intact.

So, there was great community anticipation when word spread last night that the eggs were hatching.  Several people got a large plastic basin and filled it with sea water and a woman knelt beside the nest and carefully lifted the baby turtles into the water as the rest of the turtles hatched.

I got a call from David who lives right by the nest at about 7:00 PM and hopped on my bicycle to go and witness the event.  By the time I got there quite a crowd had gathered.



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