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Mary and I live a fairly simple life here in Ecuador and really do not go out too much for gifts on holidays or birthdays.  Mary does not wear much jewelry and our clothes are generally limited to flip-flops, shorts, and tee-shirts.  That said, it is a good life, but does make gift buying a bit problematic and, in light of our fixed income status, the gifts we do get are generally not high priced or flashy.

So I was pleasantly surprised when a man carrying a large duffel back and back pack approached me as I was at one of the markets downtown.  We get artisans like this man quite often in our town, but more “touristy” towns like Canoa and Mantañita have dozens of people selling all manner of hand-made crafts and clothing all over the town.  More often than not I say, “No Gracias” when I see a man wearing twenty hats and carrying a board with forty or fifty pair of sunglasses approach us.

I was actually just out running errands and started to pass this man up as he removed items from his bags and arranged them on a plastic table.  When I was two-thirds of the way passed the man he caught my eye with this:


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