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Actually it was more like five and a half hours counting the bus ride in and out of Portoviejo and two taxi trips, but it was still time well spent.

First a couple of comments on health insurance in Ecuador…  No matter who you are, if you are in Ecuador when you have a medical emergency there is help available.  There are free clinics in most towns (including San Clemente and San Jacinto) that will take any walk-in customers throughout the day.  If you need hospital care, an ambulance will be called and you will be transported to the nearest free “General” hospital.

It is better to have some sort of insurance so that you can be transported to a less busy hospital or (better yet) to a private clinic where you are more likely to get immediate attention.  But, even without insurance one can count on being well cared for at the general hospital.  Unless of course there has been a major earthquake shutting down many hospitals and over-loading those that remain.


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