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Mary and I have lived in many different states and countries in our lives, but perhaps for both of us San Clemente, Manabí, Ecuador is unique in the fact that almost all year-long there is virtually no rain here in our village.  Then, almost magically, sometime in January the skies cloud up in the afternoons and the clouds occasionally open up for some small showers.  And then in late January or early February you sense the winds shifting from the normal westerly direction to northerly winds until, about ten o’clock at night, you start hearing pinging and popping sounds on the roof as watermelon seed sized drops of rain start pelting the roof, plants, animals, and any other thing unlucky enough to be outside.

We are into mid-february and it seems that each morning I spend several minutes walking around the yard surveying the damage incurred during the previous night’s deluge.  A friend with a rain gauge tells us that 7.5 inches of rain have fallen so far this February.  (I left the lid off of our garbage can for one night the other day and went out and emptied ten or twelve inches of water out of the can.  Apparently the friend is reporting the rain amounts from the proverbial “airport” where traditionally very little rain falls.)   But, irrespective of whether it is 7.5 inches or several feet – we have had a lot of rain lately!

For sure the rain has triggered a growth spurt in all of our trees, shrubs and flowers.  At the same time, the pelting wind-blown rain serves to knock down many of the new plants and flowers.  Case in point, our jasmine montaña shrubs along the west wall have filled out with many new flowers.


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