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I never cease to be amazed by spiders.  Spders are Mary’s least favorite insects and are unceremoniously dismissed from the house whenever spotted.  But, I like watching the little eight-legged wonders at work in the garden and grounds area in our yard.  But, since our living area spills over to the patio and decks, I am obliged to move the spiders that weave webs too close to our tables and chairs on the patio.  For several days I noticed the beginning of a web right next to our outside table on the patio and I worked to clear it out before Mary saw it.

The area in question is between a tall red-leafed plant and a piece of bamboo that supports our hummingbird feeder.  It stretches across an open area of about three feet long and two and a half feet wide.  That is an area of about seven and a half square feet.  Some mornings some little spider would have his grand plan half-way completed and I wondered how hard the poor little guy had worked to span the gap and lay the initial line.  It would require a bit of foresight and industry to attach one end of line to the plant and then crawl over plants and other obstacles to get the initial line in place and then hours of additional work to complete the structure.  I almost felt guilty each day as I removed the web and suggested that Mr. Spider should build elsewhere.


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