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In October of 2017 a friend of ours gave us a plumeria bush/tree to plant in our yard.  (Thanks again, Debbie!)  Back then the plant amounted to a three-pronged stick about five feet tall.  We took it home and found a bare spot in our yard along the west wall and simply dug a hole and buried about one foot of the stick in the ground.  We had nothing planted there and had nothing to lose, so we watered the seemingly dead stick for three months until last January we noted that small leaves were developing at the end of each prong.

A few weeks later we saw the first of the beautiful scented yellow flowers starting to bud out on the otherwise still bare branches.  We posted some pictures then showing the small tree with some blossoms.  See:  https://johnandmarylivingitupinecuador.wordpress.com/2018/01/23/dead-sticks-with-flowers/.

Today, after two rainy seasons and a great deal of additional work and planting in that area of the yard after a soaking early morning rainfall we went outside to photograph some of this year’s plumeria blossoms!


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