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Many years ago my family moved from New York to Orem, Utah.  There was a sign alongside the highway leading up from Provo to Orem that announced, “Things are Happening in Orem!”  It was something of a joke to us from New York as we drove down the sleepy quiet streets and we often wondered what exactly was “happening” in Orem.  Well, Orem, Utah is now a bustling city with a large mall and a major university.  My brother is on the city council there and can attest that things are still happening in Orem.

But what about San Clemente, Ecuador?  Seven weeks ago when we left on vacation the downtown area of our little village looked pretty much the same as it has for the last ten years.  I had heard that there was a master plan for fixing the roads and beautifying the downtown area, so it was not a complete surprise to see piles of sand and rocks and workmen buzzing away downtown when we returned.


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