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Many, many years ago I enlisted into the United States Navy.  After boot camp and radioman training I applied for and was accepted to Submarine duty and was eventually assigned to the USS Swordish out of Pearl Harbor.  Literally the, “son of a son of a sailor” I reported aboard for service and adventure!

The very first night I was aboard the submarine I was working scrubbing a bit of deck in the control room when the sirens went off and a voice came across the 1-A PA system announcing that there was a, “Fire in the Engine Room!”  I had not even met my Chief and had no assigned duties, so I moved my cleaning gear out of the way and watched as the crew scrambled about as more and more reports came in of additional damage and I thought for a time that my career as a sailor would end quickly while we sank to the bottom of the ocean.

After a few minutes, more positive reports started coming in and eventually the officer of the day announced that the, “drill” was over and all hand should report to crew’s mess for a debriefing.  When the debriefing was over I asked the chief of the boat why they had not announced that the supposed emergency was just a drill?  He told me that they do that in the Coast Guard, but that Navy sailors would never respond quickly enough if they knew in advance that the activity was a drill.


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