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Perhaps one of the hardest things we had to do prior to moving to Ecuador was to sort through the “stuff” we both had accumulated in sixty years of living and decide what to give to the kids, what to sell, what to store, and what to toss out.  Mary did a remarkable job of sorting, advertising, selling, donating, packing and storing items until all of our possessions were reduced to four fifty pound suitcases, two large carry-on bags, and some thirty plastic bins which we left behind at Carrie’s house in Ohio.

The process was quite liberating as we came to realize that we really did not need all of that stuff and we got a great deal of joy seeing the appreciation in the faces of many people who became the new proprietors of our donated items.  Still there were those thirty plastic bins that had to be sorted and taken care of.  Much of our vacation time last year was spent sifting through those bins deciding what should be given as heirlooms to the kids, what clothes we were never going to wear again, and what we should wrestle down to Ecuador as additional baggage.


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