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Last week we told our friend Roberth that we were having some friends over for Easter dinner and that we were going to make a large ham and smoke if for that meal.  Roberth was alarmed and reminded us that we should not eat meat on Semana Santa.  We assured him that we were not going to eat it until after Easter morning and that we would be sure to eat fish during the week.  Luckily he did not disown us and agreed that it would be alright to eat meat after Sunday morning.

I have tried to talk with many of our neighbors about Pascua (which is the dictionary word for Easter) but most people here in San Clemente do not use the word Pascua  They referred to the entire holiday as, “Semana Santa.”  (Holy week – or Easter week)  We decided that it would be good to know more about how Ecuadorians celebrate Easter.

Our friend Alejandra told us about a website that detailed many of the cultural and religious events associated with Semana Santa here in Ecuador.  The website is called, “Pachamama Spectrum of Treasures – Bridging International understanding between South and North America.”


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