About two years ago we published a series of posts featuring our friend, Oscar the boat builder.  See: https://johnandmarylivingitupinecuador.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/boat-building-ecuadorian-style/

Oscar is a fisherman who lives a couple of blocks north or us.  For many years he has worked building fishing boats.  He works almost entirely with hand tools and builds the hearty barcas from an age-old blueprint recorded in his mind.  He told me recently that the most important tool he has is his eye.  He measures and marks the wood, but carefully sights down each line before cutting and securing the wood in place.

Recently my friend began work on his twenty-first barca.  I visited with him on the second or third day of his new endeavor and took many pictures of the developing barca as he worked.  I do not think that Oscar really enjoys being photographed, but he puts up with the crazy gingo as I try not to disturb the maestro at work.


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