I plan to get back into blog posting soon. For the last few years much of my time has been taken up in the service of caring for my sweet wife, Mary. It was my honor and a great blessing to help make Mary’s life comfortable and we grew ever closer each day as I tried to tend to her needs.

I thank our good friend Lisa for this tribute to my Mary.

Life is still good in Ecuador!

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” Arból de la esperanza, mantente firme “ – “Tree of hope, stand firm” -Frida Kahlo

Ecuador – Less than a month ago a friend lost his best friend to Covid, and I said to him, “There’s one more star in the heavens smiling down on us.” 

He found comfort in that concept.   This past week he presented those same words back to me, as I adjusted to the news of the death of my friend Mary McDonald.

Dogpaddling through a lovely collage of memories, I thought that our connection with art was the strongest link, and the images below show the unconditional love that flowed between us.

It takes courage to share works of art, especially when they are in progress, and Mary always invited me into her realm, which was one that I cherished.

Like a duckling in water, Ms. Mary made those pigments sing!

I once…

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