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A few weeks ago, in anticipation of Jacinto’s upcoming birthday, Mary asked Jacinto what he would like for his special birthday dinner.  As is the case with most of our Ecuadorian friends, Jacinto is unassuming and said he did not need a special dinner.  We told him we were going to make one anyway and Mary ran through some options for the main course.  When she came to chuletas, Jacinto jumped in and said he would like chuletas.

Over a year ago we first wrote about smoking chuletas (which are pork chops, but we get them in a roast form with the chops only partially separated).  Chuletas are very good smoked and I was glad that Jacinto chose those for his dinner.  So, early Friday morning I rolled the barbecue/smoker out onto the patio and started up some carbon in the side chamber.



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