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Christmas Message – 2017

To all of our WordPress friends who might not be on our Facebook page or our mailing list – This is our message to God and the world about how we feel this Christmas.

Love and Blessing to all!

Christmas 2017

Last year right about this time Mary’s health was turning worse

Her heart would skip a beat at times and breathing made her hurt

So we got an extensive blood test done that showed she needed care

And last January she was transferred to Manta to the cardio clinic there

We got a well-trained doctor who inserted six heart stents

And sent her home with a store of pills and a diet regimen

The diet regimen was mostly designed to help her kidneys come around

Because of some blood pressure meds they had pretty much shut down

But God blessed His child with amazing grace and she got so much better

That we were able to take the trip we had scheduled for the summer

We went to Ohio and PA catching up with all the family

And spent a wondrous week down in Aruba with Bob and Lori

After we got back home, Mary’s newer blood tests told us that

Her “permanently” damaged kidneys were over fifty per cent back

Her EKGs showed that her heart was holding strong

And, although not perfect, she has really come along

Doctors surely helped a lot and performed a crucial role

But it was God’s awesome love that helped to make her whole.

After hosting a big barbecue party for over one hundred of our friends

We have settled back into a pleasant routine we hope will never end

It is a simple life we live down here in warm weather all year long

Alongside the deep Pacific singing its’ tireless lapping song

Our yard is filled with flowers, chickens, and scores of other birds

Telling us that we are blessed without the need for words!

As Christmas time nears we rejoice with all of those we know

The birth of our dear Savior so many years ago

Feiz Navidad – Merry Christmas to all!

John and Mary

Life is so good in Ecuador!

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