Mary and I moved here to Ecuador in December of 2011.  One of the first days we were here we were invited to a holiday dinner at a nice home in Vistazul.  One of our fellow diners dropped a small bit of turkey on the ground about the size of a bread crumb.  Within one or two minutes a squadron of very small ants started to swarm the errant crumb of food.  One of the ladies went for a broom, but by the time she got the broom, there were literally scores (if not hundreds) of mini-ants there to be swept up with the crumb of food.

Since that first experience I have been absolutely amazed at the diligence shown by these small ants locating and pursuing any food items in our home.  Mary and I have gotten used to the little guys and regularly spray the perimeters of our rooms and make sure to secure and zip-lock food before we store it and even zip-lock food items stored in the refrigerator.

But, I never thought that I should have to store my camera in a zip-lock bag!

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