Whew!  So much has been going on here in preparation for Christmas and we have a lot of catching up to do to bring you all up to date on our news.

But… In the meantime – amidst all of the candy making, party planning, guests, and shopping we also had a call from a friend who found two small kittens on the roadway.  These little ones were obviously separated from their mother too soon and our friend was busy trying to nurse them back to health.  She had gotten them to the point where they would lap up milk and use a kitty litter box and now she needed some help.

We had been on the lookout for a new kitten to replace Jacinto’s kitten who had passed away and Mary was looking for something small, warm and cuddly to sit with at night, so we told our friend that we would take both of the kittens.  Last Saturday morning these two beauties were delivered to our care and keeping.  Bonnie:


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