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Exactly one month ago today the Ecuadorian coast was rocked with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake.  I took a trip with Ramon and his family to Pedernales last week to see firsthand some of the damaged area and to bring some food and clothing to displaced people there.  I was impressed with how quickly everyone was working to remove the damaged buildings and rebuild.  I took quite a few pictures and may post them soon, but we have tried to avoid making a sensation out of a tragedy.  We have preferred to do our part to re-establish our lives and to help those around us.

A friend of ours who has visited here in San Clemente asked us today in an email when we thought it would get back to normal here on the coast following our earthquake last month.  We told him that for all intents and purposes, it seems like we are back to normal here at our house.  To help prove that point we thought we would post some pictures of a smoking project we undertook last Friday.


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