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When we moved into our new home after the earthquake almost two years ago now there were several green plants that we would normally consider to be house plants in the United State planted in pots along the wall.  One of these plants had odd variegated green and white leaves that were tinged with pink and red colors.  It was in a smaller pot and seemed to be struggling, so we re-potted it to a larger pot and moved it up onto our raised planter by our front porch to keep it out of the reach of our chickens.

That area kept it protected, but afforded the plant with more direct sunlight and the leaves lost most of their red and pink coloring.  The thing about living almost directly on the equator is that there is not one side of a home that is always in sun or always in shade year-round and as the sun moves further and further north the ledge area will be more shaded throughout the day and more of the red coloring will return.

But, a week or so ago we noticed a strange new growth on the plant, so yesterday I moved the plant to a stool on our front porch to get some pictures to share with you.


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