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As noted in our last post – we have a lot of grandchildren.  One of the questions we often are asked by people thinking about retiring in Ecuador is something like, “How can you bear to be apart from all of your grandchildren?”  Our answers note that our grandchildren are spread out from Hawaii to California, Utah, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  No matter where we lived in the United States we would be a long way from most of the kids anyway.  We point out that we can speak with and see any of the family on Skype anytime we want to and we are always within easy reach with Facebook and other internet communication tools.  Also, since we live on a limited budget, our chances to travel periodically are better here where the cost of living is lower allowing us to save some travel money.

Still it is pretty hard to leave the smiles and laughter of our grandchildren and travel down to Ecuador.  While we were in the United States we were welcomed by loving family with sentiments like this:


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