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When we first moved to Ecuador in 2011, we had very limited funds and were not able to purchase a washing machine until several months after we moved into our apartment.  There are people available who will launder your clothing for you, but, especially during rainy season, it can take several days to a week to get your clothes back and we had too few clothes to wait.

So, Mary and I would wash our clothes by hand in tubs and wring the clothes out to hang on a small folding mechanism which we could keep under cover on the patio.  When Mary washed larger items (like our sheets) I would wait below the deck area and Mary would drop the sheets over to me so that I could hang them up down by the ramada area.

One morning while I was waiting for a sheet-drop I noticed the ground around me was moving!  I looked closer and saw little black beetles rolling round balls of dirt across the yard area.


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