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Well, the rainy season is upon us!  Last night we got the biggest north wind blowing huge rainstorm of the season.  Friends tell us that close to three inches of rain fell, but the real difference maker was the gale force winds coming down from the north which buffeted our roof sections and sent bushels of old leaves billowing through our home.  We were concerned, but not nearly as concerned as the poor avian beauties that live in the trees around our home.

This morning we went out to survey the damage.  Gratefully the chickens were fine.  The sturdy hen house that Daniel made for us showed no signs of damage.  Our three chickens bounded out this morning without any obvious lingering concerns for last night’s damage.  But when we surveyed the yard we spotted a growth in the middle of the lawn that looked like a mushroom had burst open in the night.  When I went out to investigate I discovered a sopping wet fledgling bird hunkered down in the grass.

As I walked up the little bird did not move at all and only opened one eye as I reached out to pick it up.  We could tell from its’ bill that it was in the parrot family and I worried for my poor fingers as I have endured some painful moments learning how powerful parrot’s bites can be.  But the little guy simply rolled onto its’ side surrendering to whatever fate befell it.

The drenched fledgling did not even seem to realize that I was picking him or her up as I placed it into the small box we had prepared.  I brought the dripping spirit into our home and Mary placed it into some paper towels with a heat lamp positioned over the shivering little bird.


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