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I rode to downtown San Clemente the other day to see how the Main street re-development project is coming along.  The work there is about half-way done and I have been taking pictures of the work as it progresses.  Soon we will be filling you in on our new beautified downtown area, but today one last report from our vacation.

We were gone for six weeks and we spent about four of those weeks in Ohio.  We spent time with Doug and Carrie in Macedonia,, John and Kristine in the Dayton area, and Bob and Lori in Avon.  We had homemade cinnamon rolls in Dayton, steak and sweet corn in Macedonia, and barbecued tuna steaks in Avon.  Mary’s sister Lori asked Mary months ago what we wanted to eat while we visited and worked each evening we were at their home to prepare gourmet meals from our list.  Indeed, we ate our way across Ohio and back and about the only complaint we could possibly have is that we ate too much.


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