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A few weeks ago we had a fairly large tree with perhaps a twelve inch diameter trunk that we wanted cut down and removed from our side yard.  We have a friend from Santa Teresa named Leon who does some of the heavy work around our yard and I asked him if he thought he could cut the tree down and remove the stump.  He told me he would get to that project the following Thursday.  I told him to bring along any helpers he might need.

Leon showed up at 7:30 on Thursday armed with his machete and took to chopping the tree into pickup truck sized lengths (five to six feet).  After he had the entire tree felled he took to digging up the stump and cut that off two or three feet below the ground.  He then rolled wheelbarrow loads of wood out to the road, filled up the stump hole, raked up the entire area and had the job done at a little after ten o’clock!

I was amazed and pointed out several other tall trees hanging over into our yard from the neighbor’s yard and he started working on clearing them out.

Meet our friend, Leon.


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