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Last Tuesday morning, May 10th, Nura and Ramon asked if they could remove some items they had been storing in a room behind our home.  We learned that the Garcia family was getting together some clothing items and some used appliances to bring to friends of theirs in Pedernales who had suffered quite a bit of loss during the earthquake.  Ramon worked and lived in Pedernales off and on for nearly twenty years and knows many people that still live there.

The first and largest of the quakes that hit Ecuador on April 16th (just three weeks earlier) had been centered just north of Pedernales and we had heard that over 80 percent of the buildings there had been damaged or completely destroyed.  In addition there had been many landslides blocking much of the coastal highway.  I asked Ramon if it was safe to travel that highway and he assured me the road had been cleared and he invited me to come along for the ride.


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