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On Wednesday this week we got an email from a dear friend of ours named Lisa.  She told us that she was headed southbound from Jama towards Santa Ana that evening and wondered if she could park and stay for the night at our home (mid-way).  We had worked to have our guest room ready and it was no problem to move our half-packed suitcases from the bed in that room to the back bedroom.  We told her to please stop by.

So, Lisa was our first official guest in our guest room.  Luckily the shower and toilet worked fine and all went well.  In the morning we enjoyed Lisa’s company and she was enthralled by the number and variety of the birds that visited our yard.  With camera in hand Lisa suggested that we should put out some banana or platano to entice even more birds to out yard.

That was all the impulse we needed and today I spotted a truck selling “verde” (which is a type of green platanos) and I got some cut or spoiled platano fruit to put up around our bird feeder.


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