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For the second morning in a row we woke to a fairly steady rainfall.  The plants in the yard have been anticipating the rainy season for the last month or so.  We have seen the jasmine bushes budding out, blossoms on our small lemon and lime trees, and new growth starting on all of our plants.  Somehow the plants know that abundant rain will fall in January through March and they all start getting ready early.

Over the last six years we have learned to prepare for the growth spurt as well by pruning back trees and bushes and getting the ground area ready to avoid muddy areas.  So we have been working (with the help of Javier and Leon) to prep our yard.

Yesterday we asked Leon to trim back our fig tree.  Fig trees grow amazingly fast here and, if left untrimmed, will fill up a circular area over ten feet in diameter.  We have regularly trimmed the errant limbs, but Leon suggested that we trim the fig tree back drastically to allow for only two or three main branches.  Yesterday morning the fig tree looked like this:


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