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Yesterday Mary made some extra lasagna and asked me to bring a portion over to our friend Jeanne.  As I visited with Jeanne for a couple of minutes she asked me if Mary and I were okay as she had not seen a post for several weeks and wondered if we were sick or traveling.  I assured her we were both well.

We are preparing for a trip to the United States and plan to leave near the end of July.  One little hiccup (or possible disaster) happened when we paid for our plane tickets.  Before we put our passports back into the safe we noticed that the passports expire on August 17th of this year.  For some reason we thought they were valid through 2019.  We had to scramble and take a day long trip to Guayaquil to the U.S. Consulate there to renew our passports.  They should be processed and back some time this week and I will run down and pick them up!

But for the timely check we would have shown up at the Cleveland airport in late August and been denied access to the flight!


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